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Farsoon FLIGHT FS403P 3D printer

  • Purpose: Industrial
  • Construction area: 400x400x450 mm
  • Print technology: SLS
  • Print material: Photopolymer
  • Manufacturer: Farsoon
  • Scan speed: 15,2 m/s
  • Service maintenance

We present you the Farsoon FS403P metal 3D printing system using selective laser fusion (SLM) technology from the global manufacturer Farsoon (China) with a working area of ​​​​400 x 400 x 450 mm.  

Features of the FLIGHT FS 403P system

Ultimate production speed

With powerful fiber laser and fast scanning speed up to 20m/s, Flight FS403P is capable of achieving extreme sintering speed that pushes the industrial plastic 3D printing productivity to a new level.

Quality and Perfomance

Featuring the advanced laser powder bed fusion technology with robust fiber laser, Flight FS403P is able to produce parts with enhanced mechanical performance without the need of fusing or detailing agents. High precision three-axis digital galvo system offers uniformed part mechanical property, fine surface and detail resolutions by ensures consistency of the laser spot size over the whole build area.

Sustainable and economy

Flight FS403P is able to achieve economy production by reduce the cost of consumables; Meanwhile, Farsoon offers tailored service and technical support that can offer the best competitive edge of additive manufacturing. 

Areas of use

  • Aerospace

  • Defense industry

  • mechanical engineering

  • Automotive

  • Instrumentation

  • Manufacture of engines or their components

  • Manufacturing of medical equipment

  • Individual Implants for Patients

  • Cooling systems

  • Jewelry and art

Open system

Open system settings allow you to adjust the following parameters:

  • Laser power (in the range from 0% to 100% of the rated power). You can set different values ​​for the bottom and top surfaces, as well as the inner padding;

  • The speed of scanning (the movement of the laser beam over the surface of the powder layer), or the transition between sections of the trajectory without fusion;

  • Distance between ray path vectors;

  • Trajectory construction strategy (distances and directions of the laser beam motion vectors);

  • Powder layer application parameters;

  • Beam diameter compensation;

  • Synchronization parameters of the laser source and the beam guidance system;

  • Angle between scan vectors of even and odd layers.

Specifications of FLIGHT FS403P 3D Printer




Fiber Laser, 1×500W

Sanitizing system

High-precision three-axis digital galvo system

Scanning speed, up to m/s


Maximum build chamber temperature


Thermo control

8 heating zones, intelligent control system

Temperature control

Continuous monitoring and optimization of surface temperature in real time

Operating system

Windows 10 (64 bit)

User interface

Expert and production mode


BuildStar®, MakeStar®

Data file format


Key Software Features

Open parameters, real-time modification of production parameters, 3D visualization, diagnostic functions

Power Requirements

380V, 50/60Hz, 15KVa

Working temperature



FS3201PA-F, FS2300PA-F, more materials to come


State China
Purpose Industrial
Manufacturer Farsoon
Application industries Advertising and souvenir production, Aviation and space, Clothing design, Jewelry industry, Metallurgical industry, Other, Reverse engineering
Case colour White gray
Construction area 400x400x450 mm
Layer thickness 60 - 300 µm
Print material Photopolymer
Print technology SLS
OS Windows 10
Warranty 12 month
Dimensions 2470x1500x2145 mm
Количество лазеров 1
Scan speed 15,2 m/s


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