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UnionTech RSPro 2100 3D printer

  • Purpose: Industrial
  • Construction area: 2100x700x800 mm
  • Print technology: SLA
  • Print material: Photopolymer
  • Manufacturer: UnionTech
  • Scan speed: 8-15 m/s
  • Service maintenance

We present you the UnionTech RSPro 2100 3D printing system using stereolithography technology from the manufacturer UnionTech with a working area of ​​​​2100x700x800 mm .  


UnionTech 3D printers work with proprietary branded photopolymer resins (UTR and ExCast) as well as resins from Covestro Desotech B.V (a global leader and manufacturer of stereolithographic 3D printing resins (SLA). These materials have proven themselves in industrial applications. Also, UnionTech 3D printers have an open system, which allows the use of any photopolymer resin available on the market.

Key features of the system

  • Industrial stereolithography 3D printing technology

  • Extra large build envelope capacity of 2100 × 700 × 800 mm

  • Industry-leading print quality, speed and precision

  • 3D print software for file preparation and production

  • Compatible with a variety of 3D printing materials

  • Variable laser beam size is optional

UnionTech Pilot 450 3D printer technical characteristics


Solid-state frequency tripled Nd: YVO₄


RSCON, UnionTech production

Windows® 7,10

Electrical Requirements 

200-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, single phase


State China
Purpose Industrial
Manufacturer UnionTech
Application industries Atomic industry, Automotive, Aviation and space, Construction, Engineering, Metallurgical industry, Prototyping, Shipbuilding
Case colour Gray
Construction area 2100x700x800 mm
Layer thickness 100 - 250 µm
Print material Photopolymer
Print technology SLA
OS Windows 10
Warranty 12 month
Platform Granite
Количество лазеров 1
Lasers power 500
Lasers wavelength 355
Scan speed 8-15 m/s


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