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Buy 3D printer FORMLABS FORM 1+ photopolymer at an affordable price in Moscow and Russia

  • Purpose: Personal
  • Construction area: 125x125x165 mm
  • Print technology: SLA
  • Print material: Photopolymer
  • Manufacturer: Formlabs
  • Service maintenance

The Formlabs Form 1+ 3D printer is a desktop device using SLA technology. Laser stereolithography helps to achieve resolution, accuracy and detail indicators that are unattainable for most machines. The capabilities of the equipment have already been evaluated by doctors, jewelers, designers, workers of the machine-building sector.

Basic characteristics

The Formlabs Form 1 model forms objects from a photopolymer resin that cures under the influence of a laser. The technology allows you to get a perfectly smooth surface of the products and reproduce the smallest elements of the project.

A liquid photopolymer placed in a special container is illuminated by an ultraviolet laser, according to a 3D model, which leads to the solidification of the substance and the layered formation of the object. The product rises from the tank in an inverted form.

Since the work takes place at relatively low temperatures, the finished product is removed without effort or additional tools and, accordingly, without the risk of damage to the equipment or object. The delivery package includes tanks for washing the finished model, as well as a set of accessories designed to clean the working area of the printer from raw material residues, remove supporting structures.

The device works almost noiselessly and is faster than similar SLA printers. The equipment is equipped with a special cover that protects the object being built from external influences and sunlight. The LED backlight displays the various stages of printing. A transparent cap makes it possible to monitor the construction process.

Competitive advantages of Form 1+:

  • dimensional accuracy up to 25 microns;
  • minimal post-processing;
  • compact size of the case and laconic design – the device will easily fit on the desktop and will harmoniously fit into the office interior;
  • optimal ratio of quality and price;
  • availability of technical support in Russia;
  • the ability to work offline.


Setting up Formlabs Form 1 is quite simple – the firmware performs all the necessary preliminary procedures, after which the device is ready to work. The integrated PreForm program has an intuitive interface, is available for study and is easy to learn. Immediately after the launch, the software offers to choose a polymer and a layer thickness. After that, a 3D model is selected in the .stl or .obj, if the selected one contains errors, the slicer corrects them independently.

The software automatically places the object in the optimal position (at the right angle and in a convenient position). The program allows you to adjust the number of supports and the area of their contact with the object. If the supports are placed manually, the software notifies the operator about the problem points and helps to achieve accurate installation of the supports.
After downloading the program, you can disconnect the equipment from the computer, and printing will be performed offline.


Today, transparent, white, gray, black, burnable and flexible photopolymers are used for work. The burnt-out version is used by dentists and jewelers. The flexible polymer is designed for the production of prototypes and elastic layouts.


The American manufacturer Formlabs has introduced a convenient and easy-to-use printer. The brand sought to simplify the printing process, make the procedure more reliable and stable.

The Form 1+ model will become a reliable assistant in various sectors: from engineering prototyping to the production of souvenir figurines. The Formlabs Form 1 + printer is indispensable for specialists engaged in the design of objects with small elements. The equipment helps to save time and optimize the production processes of master models in the jewelry industry, dentistry and wherever it is necessary to quickly and cost-effectively create high-precision layouts for subsequent production by traditional methods.

An interesting feature: the Formlabs Form 1+ serial number is not a standard alphanumeric set, but a unique animal name invented for each device (for example, "dear swan" or "sleepy koala").


State USA
Purpose Personal
Manufacturer Formlabs
Application industries Advertising and souvenir production, Education, Other
Construction area 125x125x165 mm
Layer thickness 25 - 100 µm
Print material Photopolymer
Print technology SLA
Dimensions 300×280×450 mm; 8 kg
Mininmal element size 300 microns


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