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MakerBot Replicator+

  • Purpose: Personal
  • Print technology: FDM
  • Print material: Plastic
  • Service maintenance

To provide easy and affordable 3D printing, Makerbot Replicator + comes with Smart Extruder + in addition to all the standard features of its predecessor. Some of these features include an LCD display, web cameras, and a USB port, with Wi-Fi and Ethernet. 

MakerBot Replicator + prints 30% faster than its predecessor and has a 25% larger camera size. For greater reliability and accuracy, the printer has an improved chassis mechanism. 

To ensure stable performance, the new 3D printer and its subsystems were re-designed and carefully tested at several sites with a range of 380,000+ hours. 

Save time and speed iteration by pairing MakerBot Replicator + with the MakerBot Print software and MakerBot Mobile printer software. MakerBot Replicator + allows you to work through the cloud, so you can control it remotely using the MakerBot Print software and the MakerBot Mobile app. 

To quickly and easily start printing on your printer, MakerBot Mobile offers all-new, manageable wireless settings. 

With a new surface substrate, print objects hold on to the site better, which reduces strain and curl. 

The printing pad is now exhibited at the factory, so the printer is ready for use right out of the box.


State USA
Purpose Personal
Application industries Advertising and souvenir production, Education, Interior Design, Other
Print material Plastic
Print technology FDM

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