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PICASO 3D Designer X Pro

  • Purpose : Personal
  • Print material : Plastic
  • Print technology : FDM

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3D Printer Designer X Pro - a 3D printer with a new core, new ideas, as well as a huge number of innovations that will solve problems of varying complexity. Now you do not have to choose between quality and speed of 3D printing, as Designer X PRO includes both of these qualities. 

Features of the model:

  • the fastest two-material printing - thanks to the JetSwitch function, printing with 2 materials is even faster (up to 5 seconds in normal mode and 250 ms in draft mode) 
  • quality revolution - a newly designed print head with an accuracy of 1 micron, frame construction, precision mechanics and a new generation hardware platform will allow you to achieve unprecedented results in 3D printing 
  • status monitoring system - a new system allows you to monitor the flow of plastic, printing the first layer, save profiles and use them for different materials and needs, as well as notify about the status of the printer and the current task 
  • automatic calibration, allowing you to calibrate the table in 50 seconds, in 5 seconds the height between the nozzles, in 5.5 minutes the offset between the nozzles 
  • printing with almost any material thanks to a wide temperature range and a new plastic feed system 
  • built-in networking features let you integrate all your printers into a single Polygon X interface 
  • the new printer core introduces a completely new concept of 3D printer operation: even more reliable, faster, quieter more precisely

Designer PRO 250 and Designer X PRO Comparison 

Designer PRO 250 3D printer uses an original kinematics scheme, rails along the X axis, and classic shafts along the rest. The housing of this model is load-bearing. In the newer Designer X PRO model, the extruder moves along the rails, as they are installed along the X axis and the Y axis. Hence, the speed of movement and the accuracy of positioning are increased. The model also uses a steel frame on which all mechanisms are installed - the rigidity of the structure has become higher.


Designer PRO 250 is the first JetSwitch extruder printer. The technology of such an extruder makes it possible to quickly switch from one material to another. It consists of two movable nozzles, a single plastic feed motor and an inactive nozzle blocking valve - this eliminates smudges of plastic.


In the Designer X PRO, the JetSwitch extruder has been updated. Positioning accuracy has increased, as well as switching speed, which means that the overall print speed has increased significantly. JetSwitch technology is extremely time-saving. For example, if to create an 18 cm part, a regular printer spends about 20 hours just switching, then with JetSwitch it takes only 2.5 hours.

   Switching time between materials (sec) Model Height (mm) Layer height (mm) Time to switch between materials (sec) Time to switch between materials (hours) Save time when printing in fast-track mode on Designer X PRO (hours) Save time when printing in standard mode on Designer X PRO (hours)
JetSwitch Fast Track       0.25
     180       0.1       450       1.25       
JetSwitch Standard Mode      5       180       0.1       9000       2.5       
No JetSwitch       40       180       0.1       72000       20       19.875       17.5 

There are some differences in printer interfaces. Designer PRO PRO 3D printer uses a classic set of interfaces: USB, SD-card. Designer X PRO SD card printer is replaced with an ordinary USB-Flash, which means that it is not necessary to always keep a card reader on hand. The Ethernet interface has appeared - now the printer can be controlled remotely. The software is also slightly different from each other. Designer PRO 250 uses Polygon 2.0 software. In 3D Designer X PRO - a new Polygon X program that allows you to control the printer remotely, as well as create print queues. It is also worth noting that Designer X PRO has many useful features:

  • first layer printing control system (the printer automatically determines the parameters of the first layer) 
  • plastic feed control system 
  • profile system 
  • alert system (including even mailing)

In addition, the Designer X PRO control board was developed based on the 32-bit ARM CORTEX M4 processor. New drivers allowed to achieve minimal noise during operation and high smoothness.


State Russia
Purpose Personal
Application industries Advertising and souvenir production, Education, Interior Design, Other
Print material Plastic
Print technology FDM

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