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Ultimaker 3

  • Purpose: Personal
  • Print technology: FDM
  • Print material: Plastic
  • Service maintenance

The MakerBot Ultimaker 3 3D printer is a next-generation 3D printing device from a world famous manufacturer. A feature of the device is the use of 2 extruders that can work with various materials, including PVA plastic and nylon. This allows you to print using two colors. When using 2 nozzles, the construction area decreases from 215x215x200 mm to 197x215x200 mm. 

An important element of the device is a consumables detection system based on NFC (Near Field Communication) technology. In addition, the Ultimaker 3 3D printer has a display, a heated table and automatic calibration. 

Key Features

  • Wi-Fi connection 
  • Coil identification system 
  • Removable printing unit 
  • Double extrusion 
  • Desktop calibration in automatic mode 
  • Camera

Automatic desktop alignment 

The 3D printer MakerBot Ultimaker 3 uses a capacitive sensor that allows you to clearly set the location of the desktop. It has several advantages in comparison with wireless and wired sensors used in other similar devices. In other 3D printers, wired sensors must be clean to ensure correct operation. The proposed model does not put forward requirements for periodic cleaning. This avoids the need to pause printing. The advantage of the device over 3D printers with wireless sensors is that there is no need to maintain an accurate distance between the nozzle and the sensor. 

After entering all the necessary data, the application will calculate the approximate printing time and polymer consumption. When printing, you can open the lid and add polymer when you need to get a large product. These actions must be carried out when the process is paused. 

The use of soluble support materials 

One of the key advantages of a 3D printer is printing with 2 extruders. This allows you to use soluble filament to form supports in the manufacture of complex models. Thus, the device allows the manufacture of products with a different bottom, not necessarily flat. Thanks to the second extruder, you can print using PVA or HIPS. These materials are soluble in limonene or water. The three-dimensional model remains even and clean, its surface will be free from any burrs and scratches. 

A modern device for three-dimensional printing will allow you to quickly and easily get prototypes and parts. It has become widespread in training, home and corporate use.


State Netherlands
Purpose Personal
Application industries Advertising and souvenir production, Education, Interior Design, Other
Print material Plastic
Print technology FDM


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