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The Form 3BL 3D printer is an equipment used for medical purposes and is designed to print exact anatomical copies. 


3D printing of anatomical objects for an adult patient at a 1: 1 scale, one or more medical parts in a structure - the capabilities of a large-format 3D printer. Form 3BL is compatible with most of the FORMLABS SLA materials, including biocompatible and sterilizable materials. 


It is possible to print the thigh bones, pelvic bones, skull and other parts of the body of an adult in full size.

Form 3BL print quality is validated in FDA approved workflows.


Ideal for:

Small and medium-sized seals of sterilizable biocompatible parts.

Full size anatomical model prints. 

Printing prototypes of medical devices, fixtures, molds and final products for use.

Customized printing of surgical devices. 

FDA Approved Diagnostic Model Printing for Surgery Planning


Form 3BL prints fine details down to micron size. And the smooth surface and high precision of the printed parts ensure that medical devices meet manufacturing standards.


The printer interface is intuitive and does not require any special skills or technical support. 


Technical data of Formlabs stereolithography 3D printers:


a printer 

Form 3BL


Low Force Stereolithography (LFS)™

XY Resolutionᵃ

25 microns

0.001 inch

Laser beam diameter

85 μm

0.0033 in.

Number of lasers


Laser power

250 mW

Printable area (W x D x H)

33.5 x 20 x 30 cm

13.2 x 7.9 x 11.8 inches

Layer thicknessᵇ

25 - 300 μmᶜ

0.001 - 0.012 inches

Polymer feeding system


Number of polymer cartridges


Supporting structures

Automatically generated

Biocompatible materials



ᵃ XY Resolution indicates how accurately the printer can reproduce cross sections of the model in the XY (horizontal) plane.

ᵇ The layer thickness depends on the material. Please refer to our Material Compatibility Chart to confirm availability .

ᶜ The Form 3BL printer is capable of printing in 25 µm layers, but there are currently plans to add a validated 25 µm layer print mode for new large format printers. Please send a support request if your job requires a layer thickness of 25 microns.

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