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HERCULES G4 3D printer

  • Purpose: Professional
  • Construction area: 400x300x600 mm
  • Print technology: FFF
  • Print material: PLA
  • Manufacturer: IMPRINTA
  • Service maintenance

SIU System presents to your attention the HERCULES G4 3D printer.

The Hercules G4 model is a new generation of professional printers from the Russian manufacturer IMPRINTA, using Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) technology, the method of which consists in layer-by-layer fusing of filaments, usually thermoplastic. Layer-by-layer fusing (extrusion) technology is the most common and popular 3D printing method and is widely used to create three-dimensional models in prototyping and in industrial production. FFF technology involves the creation of objects by applying successive layers of material that follow the contours of a digital model.

Features of HERCULES G4 3D printer

The device has a rigid metal case of a closed type, which has enhanced thermal insulation properties. The construction zone is located inside an active sealed heat chamber heated to 65 °C. The printing platform is also heated with a maximum temperature of 150°C. Due to the dimensions of the construction zone of 400×300×600 mm, it becomes possible to create entire large-sized products in one cycle. The Hercules G4 3D printer has a high productivity of up to 162 cm³/h, and a printing accuracy of 0.002 mm/m with a repeatability of 95%. The thickness of the product layer can vary from 0.02 to 0.9 mm. The printer has a rich functionality, including a system for monitoring the presence and supply of material, and can be equipped with a Hercules MDry Station material drying system, which affects the quality and stability of the resulting products.


The printer is equipped with Hercules UniHot V4 proprietary high-temperature extruder with a maximum heating temperature of up to 420 °C and an all-metal hot end with a titanium thermal barrier, which allows printing with engineering plastics. If it is necessary to print with the most common materials at temperatures up to 250 °C, it is possible to install a Teflon thermal barrier. By default, the extruder has a replaceable nozzle with a diameter of 0.4 mm, which can be easily changed to a nozzle of a different size (0.3, 0.6, 0.8 or 1.2 mm). The nozzle can be made of brass or titanium.

Thanks to the new mechanics, the maximum linear speed of the print head is 125 mm/s, and the idle speed is 300 mm/s, which makes it possible to achieve high printing speed. For the smoothest and fastest movement of the print head, rail guides from HIWIN are installed on the X and Y axes, and cylindrical shafts with a diameter of 16 mm are installed on the Z axis. The XY motion uses Core-XY kinematics with a 10mm wide timing belt type GT2, while the Z-axis uses two HIWIN high-precision ball screws with a 4mm pitch, which ensures accurate products.

Areas of use 

The Hercules G4, with its increased workspace and productivity, is designed for a variety of functional prototypes and small-scale production of high-quality finished products for small and medium-sized businesses.

Print materials

Hercules G4 is able to work effectively with technical, flexible materials, a wide range of engineering materials, composites, elastic, as well as high temperature PEEK and PEKK materials. Spools of plastic threads with a diameter of 1.75 mm are used as raw materials.


The device is controlled by a 32-bit Hercules Control Board controller based on the STM32F406 core (or equivalent) with a clock frequency of 168 MHz. Stepper motors are NEMA 23 for X and Y, NEMA17 for Z and NEMA 11 for extruder. Among the available interfaces for connection: Ethernet (LAN), Wi-Fi and USB.

Diaprint Suite software is used to prepare models for 3D printing and control the printing process, including the Diaprint Cloud web version, the Diaprint PC application for Windows and MacOS, and the Diaprint APP mobile application, which will be available in 2023. The job preparation software has already carefully selected all the necessary settings for the most popular materials. They are easy to use to produce quality 3D printed parts, making it easy to learn and easy for the operator.

Specifications of HERCULES G4 3D printer

Maximum performance

up to 162 cm3/h

Print Accuracy

0.002 mm/m

Repeatability of the result


Supported Content Types

The main ones are ABS, PLA, PETG, TPU, CF and GF composites, PEEK, PEKK, BASF 316L and 17 4 PH.

Others - SEBS polymers

Extruder type

Direct extruder Hercules UniHot V4 (1 pc.)

Hotend type

Standard all-metal with a titanium thermal barrier with heating up to 420 °C.

Hot end with Teflon thermal barrier with heating up to 250 °C (purchased separately)

Nozzle heating temperature

up to 420 °С

Heated chamber temperature

up to 65 °C

Heated platform temperature

up to 150 °С

Brass nozzle diameter

0.3, 0.4, 0.6, 0.8, 1.2 mm (according to compatibility with hotend type)

Filament diameter


Printer Mechanics 

Guide type for X, Y: HIWIN rail guides, 12 mm

Guide type for Z: smooth cylindrical shafts, 16 mm

Type of transmission for X, Y: Core-XY, with timing belt type GT2

Gear Type for Z: Two HIWIN Precision Ball Screws with 4mm Pitch


Hercules Control Board based on STM32F406 core (or equivalent) 168 MHz, 32-bit


Diaprint Suite - Diaprint Cloud and Diaprint PC

Import file format


Print Profiles 

G Quality, G Standard, G Performance (for different materials and nozzles)

Methods for submitting a print job 

Ethernet (LAN), Wi-Fi, USB

Power supply

220 V, 50 Hz


State Russia
Purpose Professional
Manufacturer IMPRINTA
Application industries Other
Case colour Gray
Communication interface Локальная сеть, USB, Wi-Fi
Construction area 400x300x600 mm
Layer thickness 20-900 µm
Print material PLA
Print technology FFF
Platform Heated, removable glass, fixed by holders

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