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3D printer Nexa3D NXD 200

  • Purpose: Professional
  • Construction area: 275x155x200 mm
  • Print technology: LSPc
  • Manufacturer: Nexa3D
  • Service maintenance

With an 8.5 L build volume, 275x155x200mm print area, intelligent optimization and revolutionary patented LSPc technology, the NXD 200 3D printer is the ideal piece of equipment for the dental industry.


Description of characteristics

The NXD 200 is equipped with a full-featured toolbox including auto orientation, support generation, mesh repair and part editing options. The proprietary LSPc (Lubricant Sublayer Photo-curing) stereolithographic 3D printing technology and optimal filling of the platform guarantee the accuracy of prints, uniformity of their structure and repeatability of models from one edge to another.

The printer has more than double the work area capacity of the machines currently available, allowing for much larger parts, high productivity and ultimately impacting product costs.

The NXD 200 from Nexa3D is a turnkey solution for dentists. The design of the apparatus consists of modules and easily replaceable elements, which, with the constant modernization of technologies, excludes obsolescence of the equipment.

XCure's unique post-processing system unlocks the printer's potential consistently and quickly. Proven post-processing workflows ensure the optimal balance of temperature, UV wavelength and material-specific cure times to ensure perfect cure. These efficient cycles ensure consistent mechanical properties and predictable production rates. The end result is shorter post-processing time, faster time-to-market, better 3D printer throughput, and of course a quality part.

The patented Everlast membrane extends the life of the liquid-liquid separation surface on Nexa3D membranes exponentially. As the name suggests, the product is more durable, resilient and extends the printer's trouble-free life by up to 25 times. Everlast diaphragm provides less downtime for element changes and long continuous cycles for complex batch production operations. The development demonstrates stable optical transmission, so even a thousandth part will be identical to the first one. Everlast membranes have a stronger but more resilient surface, which makes it possible to print objects from complex technical materials. The membrane is fully compatible with the workflows and settings of the Nexa3D equipment, including dynamic monitoring of its condition predicted by the applied feedback.


Intelligent software

Nexa3D's proprietary NexaX v1 software integrates hardware and materials into a powerful, user-friendly system, delivering a new level of intuitive operation and affordable service. Materialize MagicsPrint software is responsible for optimal placement of models and automatic placement of supports.

The programs are compatible with the Windows 10 operating system and provide for remote control of the printer: sending to print, compiling job statistics. Supported input data file formats are .stl and .3mf.

Used polymers

Nexa3D has developed a wide range of high-impact, functional consumables for the NXD 200 3D printer, tailored for increased productivity, making these solutions ideal for serious production and same day prototyping.


The portfolio includes:

  • Biocompatible photopolymer KeySplint Soft;
  • Fast-curing KeyModel Ultra for precision orthodontic prototyping;
  • KeyGuide for surgical models;
  • KeyTray for impression trays.


The NXD200 is the fastest 3D printer for dental labs and large scale industrial applications. Thanks to the higher resolution pixels (75 microns) and isotropic properties, the finished models are characterized by impeccable surface quality and dimensional accuracy.


State USA
Purpose Professional
Manufacturer Nexa3D
Communication interface GigaBit Ethernet RJ-45 & WiFi
Construction area 275x155x200 mm
Print technology LSPc
OS Windows 10
Dimensions 710x710x1675 mm; 160 kg


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