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ProJet MJP 2500IC to buy a 3D printer 3D Systems at an affordable price

  • Purpose: Professional
  • Construction area: 294x211x144 mm
  • Print technology: MJP
  • Print material: Wax
  • Manufacturer: 3D Systems
  • Service maintenance

ProJet MJP 2500IC is the newest model of a professional 3D printer from 3D SYSTEMS, using their patented and time-tested MJP technology. He makes high-precision durable wax parts, like older models (ProJet 3600W / 2500W), but now the cost of consumables and the equipment itself has become much more affordable for the user, and the speed of building models has been significantly increased! Casting strength 

100% wax VisiJet M2 ICAST material melts in the same way as standard casting wax with negligible residual ash.


High performance:

ProJet MJP 2500IC provides an increase in print speed up to 10 times compared with printers of the same class and thereby significantly accelerating the workflow. With a 3.7-fold increase in print volume for greater versatility compared to printers of the same class and 24/7 round-the-clock operation, the high productivity of this low-cost printer means quick cushioning and high profitability.


A high resolution:

MJM printing technology provides high-resolution printing of the resulting products, which, combined with an unsurpassed printing speed and low cost of consumables, makes this 3D printer the most profitable and most efficient for foundries.


Where to order supplies? 

SIU System recommends ordering supplies from official 3D SYSTEMS partners. At the moment, in Russia and the CIS countries we are the only official supplier. 

Who can service the printer? 

Specialists and companies with a special certificate from 3D SYSTEMS. Currently, only SIU System has this status and official service center in Russia and the CIS countries.

What can be considered a warranty case? 

A warranty case is a failure or critical abnormalities in the operation of both the equipment as a whole and any of its spare parts, provided that the client fully complies with the operating rules of the equipment indicated in the user manual, as well as the absence of other external circumstances and factors directly or indirectly causing a malfunction or deviation.

For instance: 

Warranty case 

The lack of a built model on the build platform during or after the completion of the printer build process. 

Non-Warranty Case 

A voltage surge in the power supply network, which entailed the failure of other components and spare parts.


State USA
Purpose Professional
Manufacturer 3D Systems
Application industries Advertising and souvenir production, Automotive, Car building, Education, Engineering, Foundry industry, Shipbuilding
Case colour Gray
Construction area 294x211x144 mm
Layer thickness 42 µm
Print material Wax
Print technology MJP
Warranty 12 month
Platform Aluminum
Dimensions 1120х740х1070 mm


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