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ProJet MJP 3600 to buy a 3D printer 3D Systems at an affordable price

  • Purpose: Professional
  • Construction area: 298x185x203 mm
  • Print technology: MJP
  • Print material: Photopolymer
  • Manufacturer: 3D Systems
  • Service maintenance

Thanks to its versatility, the ProJet MJP 3600 copes with a wide range of tasks: from high-precision prototyping and the creation of master models to obtain burnable prototypes. Today this machine is widely in demand in medicine, design, when building architectural models, in various industries where there is a need for mechanical functional tests and assembly testing. 


3D printer features: 

  • Innovative MultiJet Printing Technology. Its principle is the layered spraying of melt photopolymer materials through multi-jet heads. As a result, the workflow becomes much more efficient;
  • due to the increase in the number of nozzles of the updated printing unit, it was possible to halve the duration of 3D printing by half with a build-up thickness of 16-32 microns;
  • highest detail. Quick receipt of thin-walled products with small components and grooves;
  • the materials used in the VisiJet M3 series have various properties, which makes it possible to produce models with various physical parameters. These are durable VisiJet M3 X and Black, hard Crystal, universal Proplast, engineering plastics Navy and Techplast, as well as Procast, which has a low percentage of zoning (0.01%);
  • to support a model with a complex configuration, a wax-based material (VisiJet S300) is used, which is easily removed when heated (at 60-70 ° C);
  • structural reliability. The printer is equipped with industrial-grade parts, which provides it with strength, durability and an impressive working resource. The manufacturer provides 1 warranty year for the device itself, and 5 for the print head;
  • 2 modifications: regular and Max - with an increased build area (298x183x203 mm) in the most accurate printing mode.


Where to order supplies? 

SIU System recommends ordering supplies from official 3D SYSTEMS partners. At the moment, in Russia and the CIS countries we are the only official supplier. 

Who can service the printer? 

Specialists and companies with a special certificate from 3D SYSTEMS. Currently, only SIU System has this status and official service center in Russia and the CIS countries.

What can be considered a warranty case? 

A warranty case is a failure or critical abnormalities in the operation of both the equipment as a whole and any of its spare parts, provided that the client fully complies with the operating rules of the equipment indicated in the user manual, as well as the absence of other external circumstances and factors directly or indirectly causing a malfunction or deviation.

For instance: 

Warranty case 

The lack of a built model on the build platform during or after the completion of the printer build process. 

Non-Warranty Case 

A voltage surge in the power supply network, which entailed the failure of other components and spare parts.


State USA
Purpose Professional
Manufacturer 3D Systems
Application industries Advertising and souvenir production, Education, Foundry industry, Interior Design
Construction area 298x185x203 mm
Print material Photopolymer
Print technology MJP


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