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3D printer Zmorph i500

  • Purpose: Professional
  • Construction area: 460x300x500 mm
  • Print technology: FFF
  • Print material: Nylon, Plastic
  • Manufacturer: Zmorph
  • Service maintenance

The ZMorph i500 3D printer is a fully enclosed industrial machine with double extrusion, which allows the user to print with two materials at once. The model works well with both detachable and dissolvable auxiliary supports, which makes it possible to create models with large protrusions that require the use of supporting structures. It is also easy to print in two colors, giving the models a pleasant aesthetic appearance.

This machine will become a powerful workflow accelerator and will contribute to productivity growth. Among the potential applications, the manufacturer mentions low-volume production, the creation of non-standard tools and prototypes, in particular, in industrial sectors.

Description of characteristics and competitive advantages

The high-performance ZMorph i500, functioning according to FFF technology, is equipped with a fully enclosed construction chamber with a huge assembly volume. In the case of additive manufacturing using only one print head (without supports or supports made of structural material that are removed mechanically), the assembly volume is 460x300x500 mm, while when using both heads (or the support structures are made of a water-soluble resource), the capacity is 440x300x500 mm. This is one of the largest sizes of the working area on the market of desktop 3D printers, that is, the user will be able to easily implement everything that he decided to create.

The printer is distinguished by a set of useful features 

  • seamless 3D printing with double extrusion;
  • air filtration;
  • simple tool head change scheme;
  • nozzle lifting system;
  • nozzle cleaning system (brass brushes and teflon scrapers);
  • automatic plastic thread loading system and sensors for detecting the end of the filament;
  • devices that recognize types of plastic using an RFID tag;
  • electric locking of the door during operation.

The simple loading of the filament in large coils makes the Zmorph i500 a real production machine without frequent addition of new material. The heating of the extruder reaches 300℃, the newly developed nozzle prints a large number of types of material models. Support for building in two-color or two-thread design significantly increases the efficiency of printing.
The built-in HD camera monitors the state of the object being built remotely, broadcasting the printing process in real time. The flexible and removable working platform is responsible for the ease and accuracy of removing the finished product.

The machine is designed for efficient and high-performance production, designed for prototyping and production of small batches. The i500 helps to reduce operating costs, as well as maximize uptime. Thanks to the large volume of the assembly chamber, you can increase productivity.

The 3D printer is equipped with a dual-drive double extruder with all-metal hotends and a nozzle lifting system that allows you to easily replace the heads. In addition, the device has an improved extrusion system – the high quality of the machine components allows you to obtain the stability of the equipment, guaranteeing the efficiency and reliability of 3D printing. Special sensors monitor the presence of the material, providing seamless three-dimensional printing. The applied air flow system consists of an input filter G4, which cleans the air entering the chamber, and an output carbon HEPA filter, which cleans the air leaving the machine from vapors and particles formed during operation.


The device uses Voxelizer Industry software, specially developed for the Zmorph i500. The program allows you to fully control the 3D printing process and get the maximum efficiency of the equipment, using its advanced functions. By default, the software provides excellent quality, helps to save up to 40% of working time and 30% of the material due to the adaptive layer height, optimal filling, suitable support structures and special algorithms.

The software is able to generate G-codes from 3D geometry using a fundamentally new method. Instead of working with a model whose surface is formed by triangles (as in the OBJ or STL formats), the program converts the object into voxels (voxel), forming an object from miniature "cubes".

The software automatically restores damaged parts of the model, optimizes them for 3D printing using the built-in tool . A pre-installed library and an intuitive user interface help you get the G-code in a few clicks. Voxelizer ensures that the job is easy to prepare for printing.

Resources used

The equipment is completely enclosed, which is great for printing materials that require a constant temperature, for example, 3D printing threads made of ABS.

The brand's team has simplified the process, so you can print on the Zmorph i500 with almost any filament, including durable production compounds such as nylon thread and ASA. Also, the number of acceptable materials includes: PLA, PET, PVA, TPE.
The company has provided for the possibility of working with materials of other brands, which opens the door for printing with the use of favorite or very specific materials necessary for a particular project.


State Poland
Purpose Professional
Manufacturer Zmorph
Application industries Engineering, Other
Construction area 460x300x500 mm
Print material Nylon, Plastic
Print technology FFF
Dimensions 703x507x1075 mm; 55 kg
Minimal thickness 0.4 mm


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