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HERMIGA 120 / 50V2I 
Gas spray of metals. Designed to produce ultra-pure spherical powders. 
The system of gas spraying of metals with a crucible of 50 kg is excellent for the production of small batches of special-purpose powders. 

Metals for spraying: iron, aluminum, zinc, silver, nickel, gold, magnesium, copper, palladium, beryllium, cobalt, tin, lead, etc. 
50 kg gas metal atomizer with crucible (iron) 
Standard vacuum: up to 0.5 mbar 
Maximum temperature: 1750ºС 
Smelting furnace with an intermediate bucket, bottom discharge from a ladle 
Induction melting furnace and tundish heating 

Additional equipment and features: 

  • Oxygen control 
  • Particle injector 
  • Hot gas spraying 
  • High vacuum 
  • Pyrometer 
  • Docking system 
  • Sampler 
  • Glove box with particle classifier

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