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The HERMIGA Mini metal sprayer has ample opportunities for the production of spherical metal powders, which makes it the most flexible tool for both highly effective research activities and for the production of small batches of metal powders for special purposes. HERMIGA Mini allows you to provide complete control over all stages of powder production: melting materials, spraying, forming a stream of metal and collecting the finished powder. At the same time, the HERMIGA 75/3 and 75/5 models retain high performance due to the monoblock design with a spray system and can produce high-quality spherical powders with an average particle diameter of up to 10 microns. The powder cooling rate reaches values ​​from 103 to 106 K / s. The smallest of the sprayers in the HERMIGA line has been widely used in numerous studies in various fields covering a wide range of applications: from precious metals to solar energy, having received wide geographical distribution from Russia to India and from the USA to Japan. The compactness of the installation, a wide selection of options, as well as the ease of cleaning, make it an ideal tool for modern research in the field of powder metallurgy. As standard equipment: an induction-heated crucible with a volume of 3 kg (HERMIGA 75/3) or 5 kg (HERMIGA 75/5), a monoblock metal atomization system, the possibility of atomization with inert gas (which makes it safe to work even with pyrophoric powders) and a two-stage collection system powder. Installations for the production of metal powders can be supplemented with the following functions: Monitoring the oxygen and moisture content allows for optimal atomization of the metal and to obtain high purity melts. Gas rack with distribution manifold for five standard gas cylinders. This allows you to maintain a constant gas pressure in the system and use various gases in the process of melting and spraying. An optional receiver for fine powder or for final collection of relatively volatile components. The possibility of particle injection allows the spraying of particles of composites in a metal matrix. Up to 30% of the secondary fraction can be added.

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