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VisiJet® Wax Jewel Red

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VisiJet® Wax Jewel Red is a new 3D Systems material for 3D printing in the jewelry industry. VisiJet® Wax Jewel Red is 100% wax, but it is more durable and flexible at the same time, allowing you to print more complex patterns, lighter filigree products and fine metallic mesh patterns.

Models created with VisiJet® Wax Jewel Red material withstand machining during the entire investment casting process.

The durability and increased flexibility of the models contribute to increased productivity and cost savings by reducing the time and cost associated with breaking fragile models.



  • Fine mesh and filigree jewelry casting
  • Casting with stones
  • Traditional jewelry manufacturing


  • For use with standard investment casting techniques
  • Clean burnout without ash formation
  • Stronger 3D printed models are more resistant to breakage when handled properly
  • Allows you to create complex products with an openwork pattern


  • 100% wax
  • Increased flexibility compared to traditional casting waxes
  • Increased durability of models
  • High contrast red for clarity

Technical Specifications:

  • Key Mechanical Properties
  • Melting point: 62-63 ° C
  • Softening point: 43-47 ° C
  • Volume shrinkage: 1.7% (40 ° C to 23 ° C)
  • Linear shrinkage: 0.58% (40 ° C to 23 ° C)
  • Needle Penetration Resistance: 14 (ASTM Standard Method D1321)
  • Ash content: 0.00% (standard method ASTM D5630-13A)


State USA
Purpose Industrial
Manufacturer 3D Systems

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