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Polymer Formlabs IBT Resin


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Polymer IBT Resin for a spoon suitable for printing adhesive indirect fixation to facilitate insertion of orthodontic brackets. 

An indirect adhesive tray (also often called a closed tray, or abbreviated as IBT or IDB) is a custom-made product that exactly matches the teeth of a particular patient and allows you to place multiple braces at once.



  • Enhanced shade for accurate visualization of braces against the background of the teeth.
  • Convenient use in the dental office with fewer mistakes.
  • Manufacturing of end products without taste, odor and adhesion.
  • Comfortable conditions for patients.
  • The minimum amount of material required to create support structures.
  • Reduced waste and reduced post-processing activities.
  • No need for final polymerization using glycerin or nitrogen.
  • Simple and convenient post-processing.


State USA
Manufacturer Formlabs

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