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Plastic BASF Ultrafuse® PP GF30

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BASF Ultrafuse® PAHT CF15 is a filament that combines the strength of nylon with the rigidity of carbon fiber while maintaining ease of processing. The material shows not only high rigidity, dimensional stability, chemical resistance, but also withstands temperatures up to 150 ° C. Thus, the filament is ideal for customers working on projects in the mechanical engineering, robotics, automotive and aerospace industries, where 3D printed elements are tested under extreme conditions.

The filament is highly abrasive, so a 0.6mm hardened steel nozzle should be used when 3D printing.


Suitable for:

  • Parts exposed to oils, greases, brake fluids 
  • Parts subject to stress such as brackets and shafts 
  • Automotive end-use parts such as parts in the engine compartment or air intakes 
  • Impact resistant drone frames and housings 
  • Tooling equipment such as a vise 
  • Assembly / alignment fixtures and fittings


Manufacturer Zortrax

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