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Photopolymer for dental prosthetics KeyModel Ultra

  • Purpose : Professional
  • Manufacturer : Nexa3D

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Material for high-temperature molding and removable dies, as well as for modeling.

High-strength dental photopolymers for serious production

Nexa3D offers a wide range of durable functional materials for the NXD 200 3D printer, specifically designed to improve efficiency and productivity by connecting 3D printing equipment to high-speed broadband Internet, making Nexa3D solutions ideal for large-scale production and same day prototyping. ...

  • Accurate
  • Easy thermoforming
  • Cut without chips



KeyModel Ultra

Elongation at break / D638

5 %

Tensile modulus

/ ASTM D638

1700 MPa

Ultimate tensile strength / D638

50 MPa

Flexural modulus

/ ASTM D790

1940 MPa

Flexural strength / ASTM D790

70 MPa

Warranty / Disclaimer of Warranties. The functional characteristics of these products may vary depending on their application, operating conditions, material to be combined, or end use. Nexa3D makes no warranties of any kind, express or implied, including warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular use.


  • TDS
  • SDS
  • Storage conditions
  • Preparation before printing
  • Cleaning procedure
  • Drying procedure
  • Post-treatment

Print orientation:

  • Horizontal, occlusal plane parallel to build plate
  • Vertical, occlusal plane perpendicular to the build plate

Accuracy study

  • 65% ~ 75% within the threshold of 50 microns
  • 85% ~ 95% within the threshold of 100 microns
  • 98% ~ 99% within 200μm threshold


Purpose Professional
Manufacturer Nexa3D


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