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Preoxidation Furnace

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Continuous Pre-Oxidation Furnace

Purpose of the continuous preoxidation furnace

It is used for continuous pre-oxidation of materials based on PAN, on an asphalt-viscose basis, based on carbon fiber in a controlled oxygen environment.

Technical features of a tube furnace for continuous pre-oxidation 

  1. Special circulation of hot air and distribution of hot air, temperature uniformity ≤1.5 ℃ / m, air uniformity≤20%.
  2. Manufacturing technology for modular segments that can be flexibly combined to meet production requirements. 
  3. With the ability to perform in the form of a multilayer structure to reduce the room. 
  4. Automatic feeding and unloading of materials, easy to operate.

Accessories Options

  1. Continuous oxidation furnace tube: carbon steel / stainless steel 
  2. Furnace chamber design: single layer / multi-layer 
  3. Hot air circulation method: top and bottom / left and right / at the entrance from the rear end upper, turn from the entrance to the end side. 
  4. Hot air distribution: concentrate heating / uniform distribution / uniform heating / uniform distribution 
  5. HMI (interface) tube furnace for continuous pre-oxidation: analog screen / touch screen / industrial computer 
  7. Temperature Controller: SHIMADEN / EUROTHERM 
  8. Temperature Measurement: Thermocouple / Thermal Resistance 
  9. Electrical Elements: CHINT / SCHNEIDER / SIEMENS

Models and parameters of a continuous preoxidation furnace

Parameters / ModelsLOF-220LOF-1100LOF-1600
Belt width (mm)     200     1100      1600
Oven width (mm)      220     1300      1800
Preoxidation Temperature (° C) 150~300   150~300  150~300 
  Cross-sectional temperature uniformity (° C)  Cross-section: ±2°C
 Pre-oxidation mediumAir
 Gas speed 0.5 ~ 3Нм/с  (adjustable)
The above-mentioned characteristics can be changed according to the technological requirements of the customer, they are not standards for acceptance, detailed characteristics will be confirmed in the technical proposal and contract.

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