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Horizontal Vacuum Water-Tempering Furnace

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Horizontal Vacuum Water-Tempering Furnace

Scope of application

This furnace is used for hardening a titanium alloy in the space industry: TC4, TC16, TC18, TC21, beryllium bronze for the manufacture of tools in the space industry; precision alloy: soft alloys based on nickel and cobalt 3J1, 3J21, soft alloy based on nickel 3J53, stainless steel in the field of nuclear energy 17-4PH, 410.

Technical features

  1. Horizontal, dual chamber stainless steel construction. 
  2. Large heating zone, uniform temperature. 
  3. The heating elements have a non-ceramic structure. It can be used for many years without insulation problems. 
  4. Retractable inner pallet design with frequency conversion function. Stable transmission speed with the ability to configure high-speed mode. Short transportation period. 
  5. Big load and high efficiency. 
  6. The temperature of the liquid tank is 5-10 ° C.


  1. Type of oven door: linear, non-linear, vertical or revolving. 
  2. Type of quenching gas: cold flow and vertical cooling, cold flow and cooling from side to side. 
  3. Furnace heat: graphite heating element and graphite insulation. 
  4. Vacuum pump: overseas manufacturer or high-end Chinese brand. 
  5. Vacuum Level: High or Medium 
  6. PLC: OMRON; Siemens Mitsubishi 
  7. Temperature Controller: SHIMADEN; EUROTHERM; Honeywell 
  8. Heat Seal: Type K; type N; type S 
  9. Recorder: paperless or paper 
  10. Control system: screen, touch screen with industrial computer 
  11. Electrical components: upscale Chinese brand; Schneider; Siemens 

Key Specifications

Parameters/ModelHVWQ-335D HVWQ-446D HVWQ-557D
Hot Zone Size W × H × D (mm) 300×300×500   400×400×600  500×500×700
Loading (kg)     75     250     400
Heating power (kW)     48     75     90
Max temperature (°C)     1150     1150     1150
     1350     1350     1350
Temperature uniformity (°C)     ±5     ±5     ±5
Vacuum Level (Pa)     4×10-1     4×10-1     4×10-1
  4×10-3/6×10-4  4×10-3/6×10-4   4×10-3/6×10-4 
Pressure increase (Pa/h)     ≤0.26     ≤0.26     ≤0.26
     ≤0.65     ≤0.65     ≤0.65
Transportation Time (sec)     ≤12     ≤15     ≤20
Water tank (l)     800     2000     3500
Gas     N2/Ar     N2/Ar     N2/Ar
Gas pressure cooling (bar)     2     2     2



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