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Mesh Conveyor Sintering Furnace

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Mesh Conveyor Sintering Furnace


The sintering furnace with a mesh conveyor is designed for sintering products of metal powders based on iron and copper in an atmosphere of endothermic gas at temperatures up to 1150 ° C., For example: oil bearing, gear, clutch plate, sleeve, etc.

Technical Features of Conveyor Sintering Furnace

  1. Optional RBO sintering and degreasing system according to technological requirements. 
  2. Modular types of heating elements are used, which is convenient for maintenance and replacement without stopping the furnace; 
  3. The construction of fiber insulation is used. Fast heating and reduced power consumption. 
  4. The lid of the furnace is a suspended structure, convenient for maintenance and replacement of the muffle. 
  5. An option of a quick cooling system, hardens parts based on Fe. 
  6. The sintering furnace with a mesh conveyor has the functions of remote control, diagnostics of emergency failures and software updates.

Accessories Options

  1. Oven body: Aluminosilicate fiber / ceramic felt 
  2. Heater: 0Cr21Al6Nb; 0Cr27Al7Mo2 
  3. Muffle: SiC + Si3N4; stainless steel 
  4. Mesh Conveyor Material: SUS310S; SUS314; SUS304 
  5. Pneumatic control: volumetric flow meter / manual / automatic valve, imported / Chinese brand 
  6. HMI (interface) sinter conveyor furnace: analog screen / touch screen / industrial computer 
  8. Temperature Controller: SHIMADEN / EUROTHERM 
  9. Thermocouple: C type / S type / N type (with tungsten / molybdenum / ceramic case) 
  10. Registrar: paperless / paper; imported / Chinese brand 
  11. Electrical Elements: CHINT / SCHNEIDER / SIEMENS

Models and parameters of sintering furnace with mesh conveyor

Specifications / ModelMBSF-300/100-7 MBSF-460/100-7 MBSF-610/125-7
 Belt width (mm)     300     460     610
 Seal Height (mm)     90     100     125
 Heating zone     7     7     7
 The length of the heating zone (mm)     4000+5200     4500+5600     4600+6000
 Max. temperature (° C)     1150     1150     1150
 Max. temperature (° C)     ±5     ±5     ±5
 Heating power (kW)     120     250     320
 Working gas N2/3H2+N2/H2/CH4  N2/3H2+N2/H2/CH4  N2/3H2+N2/H2/CH4 
 Gas flow rate (m³ / h)     15     20     30
 Size L × W × H (mm) 21000×1500×1800  23500×1700×1900  23500×1900×2000
 All of the above data can be changed, depending on the production process, this is a detailed specification, not standardized data. It all depends on the technical specifications and requirements for the production process.

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