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Vacuum Degreasing Oven

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Vacuum Degreasing Oven


The degreasing vacuum furnace is designed for degreasing and sintering products made of tungsten alloys, alloys of high specific gravities, molybdenum and titanium alloys, hard alloys, etc. It allows degreasing bundles of plasticizers (PEG), paraffin and rubber. Mainly for degreasing rods of pressed and stamped products.

Technical features of the vacuum degreasing furnace

  1. The special structure of the chamber and the ideal arrangement of heaters to obtain good temperature uniformity. 
  2. A special degreasing chamber with high tightness and complete degreasing. Minimizing contamination on the elements in the heating chamber in the furnace. 
  3. The degreasing vacuum furnace has the functions of slow evacuation, preliminary sintering in vacuum, degreasing under reduced pressure, TOWAC, and also at low pressure. 
  4. Advanced heat-insulating structures and materials are used in the heating chamber, with good insulation and less heat absorption. Energy savings of over 20% compared to traditional design. 
  5. Touch screen control, PLC centralized control, easy operation, high reliability 
  6. The vacuum degreasing furnace has alarm functions during pressure overload and furnace overheating, mechanical automatic pressure protection, blocking function and other functions, high safety 
  7. It has the functions of remote control, emergency diagnostics and software updates. 

Accessories Options

  1. Oven doors: hinged door / manual locking / automatic ring shutter. 
  2. Oven body: full carbon steel / inner stainless steel / full stainless steel 
  3. Chamber of the vacuum oven for degreasing: Ceramic felt + stainless steel / soft carbon felt + hard composite felt 
  4. Heater: Ni and Cr alloy / HIP extruded graphite 
  5. Muffle: Ni and Cr alloy / graphite small sizes 
  6. Pneumatic control: volumetric flow meter / mass flow meter, manual / automatic valve, imported / Chinese brand 
  7. Vacuum pump and vacuum gauge: imported / Chinese brand 
  8. Trolley furnace for vacuum degreasing: roller loader / forklift 
  9. HMI: analog screen / touch screen / industrial computer 
  11. Temperature Controller: SHIMADEN / EUROTHERM 
  12. Thermocouple: C type / S type / K type / N type (with tungsten / molybdenum / ceramic case) 
  13. Registrar: paperless / paper / import / Chinese brand 
  14. Electrical Elements: CHINT / SCHNEIDER / SIEMENS

Models and parameters of a vacuum degreasing furnace

Specifications/ModelVD-020203 VD-030306 VD-040412 VD-89150
The size of the working area w × h × d (mm) 200×200×300  300×300×600  400×400×1200  Φ890×1500  
Max. Weight, (kg)     30     150     250     500
Max. temperature (° C)     950     950     950     950
Temperature uniformity (° C)     ±3     ±3     ±3     ±5
Heating power (kW)     30     60     105     180
Max Vacuum (Pa)     1     1     1     1
Coef. pressure increase (Pa / h)     0.67     0.67     0.67     0.67
Working gas     Ar/N2/H2     Ar/N2/H2     Ar/N2/H2     Ar/N2/H2
All of the above data can be changed, depending on the production process, this is a detailed specification, not standardized data. It all depends on the technical specifications and requirements for the production process.

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