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Vertical High Vacuum Furnace

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Vertical Bottom High Vacuum Soldering Furnace


The vertical high-vacuum brazing furnace is designed for vacuum brazing of products from non-ferrous metals, stainless steel, titanium alloys, high-temperature alloys, hard alloys, etc.

Technical Features of Bottom High Vacuum Soldering Furnaces

  1. ACME has a unique welded laboratory, which provides the production of parts from complex alloys. 
  2. Modular optimized furnace chamber, with good temperature uniformity and cooling uniformity. 
  3. The lifting mechanism of the vertical high-vacuum soldering furnace is equipped with an automatic balance correction mechanism on the bracket, automatic error correction with a stable rise and without vibration. 
  4. At the entrance to the vacuum system there is a condenser and a filter trap that protect the block of vacuum pumps from steam pollution from the evaporation of welding fluxes. 
  5. Unique Vacuum Sensor Protection Technology Provides Longer Life 
  6. Unique rear insulation technology, with large radiation area and good insulation.

Accessories Options

  1. Type of loading from below: lifting under the furnace can be moved and horizontally fixed. 
  2. Vertical Lift: Screw Lift 
  3. Chamber of high vacuum soldering furnaces with bottom loading: nickel chrome alloy heaters and stainless steel reflective shields for thermal insulation / molybdenum heaters and metal reflective shields for thermal insulation 
  4. Vacuum pump and vacuum gauge: imported / Chinese quality brand 
  5. PLC: Siemens / Omron / Mitsubishi 
  6. Vertical High Vacuum Soldering Furnace Temperature Controller: Shimaden / Eurotherm / Honeywell 
  7. Thermocouple: Type / N type / S type 
  8. Recorder: paperless / paper 
  9. HMI (interface): analog screen / touch screen / industrial computer 
  10. Electrical Elements: China High Quality Brand / Schneider / Siemens

Models and parameters of high vacuum soldering furnaces with bottom loading

Parameters / ModelVHVB-0608S VHVB-0808S VHVB -1010S VHVB -1212S VHVB -1215S VHVB -1520S
 Heating Zone (mm)Φ600×800Φ800×800 Φ1000×1000
Loading (kg)     650     850     1000     1150        1450     1800
Heating power (kW)     120     180     270      330     420     540
Max temperature (° C)1350/1700/2300 1350/1700/2300 1350/1700/2300 1350/1700/2300  1350/1700/2300  1350/1700/2300 
Temperature uniformity     ±5     ±5     ±5     ±5     ±5     ±5
Vacuum Level (Pa)  4×10-3/6×10-44×10-3/6×10-4 4×10-3/6×10-4 4×10-3/6×10-4 4×10-3/6×10-4  4×10-3/6×10-4
 Pressure increase (Pa / h)     ≤0.26     ≤0.26     ≤0.26     ≤0.26     ≤0.26     ≤0.26
     ≤0.65     ≤0.65     ≤0.65     ≤0.65     ≤0.65     ≤0.65
Cooling gas pressure (bar)     2/6/10     2/6/10     2/6/10     2/6/10     2/6/10     2/6/10

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