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CubePro Trio

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    This 3D printer is equipment with a large working volume and high resolution of three-dimensional printing, equal to 75 microns. High printing speed allows you to create models very quickly and without loss of quality, which is important for printing large parts for professional needs. Other advantages of the model: 

    • Three high temperature extruders - the ability to use three colors for printing at once. 
    • The large working area of ​​the printer is 273x273x241 mm. 
    • Support management using Wi-Fi technology. 
    • Small size printer and versatile design. 
    • Easy software installation and setup. 

    Choosing this 3D printer, you get a professional device with which you can create any parts with the necessary parameters. A wide color palette and several types of plastic are available, which expands the possibilities of three-dime


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