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Magnum Creative 2 UNI

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    Magnum Creative 2 UNI is a universal printer with a heated platform, the ability to print offline using the built-in display and SD card slot, as well as many other, no less important advantages:

    • The presence of a connector to which you can attach the module for the use of plastic materials. 
    • Built-in illumination of the heating of the working chamber, as well as the illumination of the print area for easy observation. 
    • Effective air cooling aimed at preserving the printed model during the creation process. 
    • High print accuracy, which is 10 microns along the Z axis, and 40 microns along the X and Y axes. 
    • The large size of the construction area, the dimensions of which are 260x170x170 mm. This advantage allows you to print more massive parts at a time and save later on gluing them. 
    • The high speed of three-dimensional printing, which can reach 35 cm3 in one hour, is a very worthy value. 
    • A wide range of consumables used for modeling, including PLA, ABS, PVA, NYLON. 
    • Robust steel housing that does not take up much space and reliably protects internal components.

    To build three-dimensional models, FDM technology, already proven over the years, is used, which represents layer-by-layer application of plastic on the platform, and thus forming a single model without seams and glues. This printer is completely Russian-made, so customers from Russia can freely receive full technical support, as well as a guarantee for 12 months. Due to the wide range of functions and the availability of battery life, this model is perfect for both home and office use. Decent specifications can satisfy the requirements of any professional.


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