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PICASO Designer X

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    Everything under control Nozzle blockage, tangled plastic, uneven diameter or wire breakage will no longer ruin the model. The Flow Control encoder system monitors the print status for a consistent result. Designer X encoder performs an average of three measurements per second * (* at a speed of 60 mm / sec, 0.2 mm layer) This allows you to pause printing almost instantly (Pause mode) and Automatically run the problem solving algorithm. If the emergency is not resolved, the printer will wait for user intervention. 

    Quality in detail Designer X print quality is our pride. Accurate mechanics and the X hardware platform help achieve the highest results. The minimum print layer is 10 microns. It is 10 times thinner than a human hair. 

    Do you think you can print with any media? And there is! A new system of directional feed of plastic in the print head and a wide range of operating temperatures of mechanical components - this is what allows Designer X to work with a wide range of materials. Print with any filaments, including engineering thermoplastics with a high melting temperature. ULTRAN 630, ULTRAN 6130, ASA, ABS / PC, PET, PC, FRICTION, CAST, RELAX, ETERNAL, FLEX, RUBBER, SEALANT, PETG, AEROTEX, CERAMO, WAX, SBS, SBS PRO, PROTOTYPER SOFT, PRO-FLEX, TOTAL PRO, NYLON, PEEK and others 

    Air flow control The correct distribution of air flow is ensured by a system of two powerful and silent fans. They create the necessary microclimate for each specific material, which allows you to print parts of complex shape with high quality and stability. PICASO 3D Ecosystem Built-in network functions allow you to combine any number of your X-series printers into a single interface of the updated POLYGON X. Now you can easily manage the operation of each network printer from one PC.


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