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PrintBox3D One

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    The PrintBox3D One 3D printer was developed by the best Russian CNC engineers, and therefore boasts excellent technical characteristics and a wide range of important options. Here are its advantages:

    • High printing accuracy, which reaches 50 microns. For comparison, this is half the size of a pixel on a high-resolution screen. This printer can be trusted with the most complex and important projects. 
    • Powerful air cooling, which, combined with advanced software and precise mechanics, allows you to get rid of supports for unstable structural elements of the model. 
    • The ability to independently upgrade this printer and install additional nozzles. 
    • Optimized plastic feeding mechanism, which allows even at high printing speeds to avoid tearing and stopping of the yarn of molten material This is the main condition for continuous fast printing! 
    • Strong open case made in an aluminum frame. The printer does not take up much space and can easily fit on your desktop. It is not striking and fits well into the surrounding interior. 
    • Ability to use ABS and PLA plastics, as well as nylon for the manufacture of three-dimensional models. 

    The printer software allows you to create, edit and print parts of any degree of complexity. No one will have problems managing the model, and if this happens, qualified user support in Russia can always help. It is worth paying special attention to this model if you are looking for an affordable and functional solution from a Russian manufacturer to achieve a variety of print goals.


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