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Prism Home Dual

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    According to its technical characteristics, the printer is almost no different from the version of Prism Pro V2: high print quality, ease of use and printer management. The only difference is the print area: it is 400 mm in diameter and 560 mm in height. Convenient to use it make smaller dimensions: 620 × 710 × 1280 mm. 

    A powerful control board on a 32-bit processor provides high speed and accuracy of printing (even complex and large objects), uninterrupted operation of the printer for many hours. The ability to control via Wi-Fi, a screen with a front-facing SD card and a Russian-language menu make using a 3D printer convenient and comfortable. The new surface of the desktop will ensure adhesion of parts without the use of additional tools. 

    Vertical bar feed through a mechanical mechanism provides more accurate and reliable plastic feed and prevents thread twisting. The sensor for controlling the presence of plastic will automatically pause the print with the possibility of its further resumption from the current place if the bar in the coil is over. An external magnet holder for the coil allows the use of coils of various weights and sizes. 

    The printer is equipped with automatic calibration, a heated working table, a closed working chamber and an extruder cooling system. 

    Prism Home Dual is an ideal model of a 3D printer with high print quality, reliability, a convenient control system, an intuitive menu in Russian and a reasonable price. The printer is suitable for printing souvenirs, decor, layouts, household items, toys and many other things.


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