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Prism Mini

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    Compact and easy-to-use 3D printer with excellent print quality; for home use and small batch production. 

    Prism Mini V2 is a Delta printer with FDM printing technology, a convenient screen with front-facing SD card installation and a Russian-language menu. A special surface of the desktop provides adhesion of parts without the use of additional tools. New control features make the printer more efficient. Magnet-mounted coil holder allows reels of any weight and size to be used. The enlarged print area of ​​the printer allows you to create models up to 150 mm in diameter and 250 mm in height. 

    The printer is equipped with an automatic calibration function, a heated desktop, two-sided blowing of the model when printing, a metal bar feed mechanism for a more accurate and reliable filing, and a redesigned diagonal clamp unit. Prints with ABS, PLA, HIPS, Flex, Watson plastics with a speed of movement up to 150 mm / sec. 

    First of all, Prism Mini V2 is focused on home use, but is also perfect for small-scale production and training. Its advantages are compact design, simplicity and ease of use, durable steel frame, low weight and low price. The printer is compatible with any known operating systems, which makes managing it convenient. 

    Differences from the previous version:

    • Adhesion surface; 
    • Russian-language screen with front-loading SD card; Metal bar feeder; 
    • Universal coil holder; 
    • Redesigned diagonal clamping unit; 
    • Linear bearings are located in metal housings. 

      Prism Mini V2 is a reliable and cost-effective solution for small companies, small-scale production, design bureaus, schools, educational centers and homes.


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