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Witbox 2

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    The Witbox 2 3D printer is designed specifically for the professional work of specialists from fields such as engineering, design, architecture, industry, medicine, etc. High print quality will allow you to bring 3D models with the smallest elements into reality. Among the advantages of Witbox 2 printers should be noted :

    • The print thickness is only 20 microns (0.02 mm) at a speed of 200 mm / s. The volume of the working area allows us to produce a prototype 3D model up to 297x210x200 mm in size. 
    • The new design of the extruder with two gears for feeding the plastic thread eliminates the possibility of stopping the flow of material to the heating nozzle. 
    • Support for all popular and special types of thermoplastics, including, for example, PLA, ABS, PVA, Nylon, Filaflex (for printing elastic models), Laywood (plastic with wood impurities), etc. 
    • Automatic calibration induction sensors allow the printer to determine the distance from the nozzle to the platform with very high accuracy, which simplifies the initial printing phase. 
    • The devices are equipped with USB and MicroSD interfaces, have high-tech microcontrollers that provide print accuracy. 
    • The electronic components are securely hidden in a rugged housing to protect against external harmful influences. 
    • Included with the printer comes free software (Cura Software and Slic3r), fully Russified and easy to use.

    Although the Witbox 2 3D printer is designed for professional use, it is great for learning and fun. Managing the device is simple enough to start creating your own masterpieces of plastic in a very short time!


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