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    The Zeus personal multifunctional device can easily copy 3D objects, scan them and print. Working with it will not cause any difficulties - just place the object that you plan to reproduce on the rotating platform of the scanner, scan it and start copying. The model is equipped with a 7-inch screen, from which it is convenient to set the scan settings and manage printing. In the first case, a laser is used that examines the subject from each side. After scanning, you can evaluate the result in special software, if necessary, you can make adjustments.


    • 3D Scan Resolution - 100 microns 
    • 3D Printing Resolution - 80 microns 
    • The maximum size of an item for scanning or printing is 260 × 180 × 150 mm 
    • Printing Material - Eco-Friendly PLA Plastic 
    • The ability to work offline without connecting to a laptop or PC 
    • Editing the resulting 3D model in CAD programs.

    The excellent technical parameters of a 3D printer are by no means accidental. The developers of AIO Robotics for 5 years worked on the creation of this model, tried to combine everything necessary for comfortable 3D printing. The MFP has a 3D fax function, thanks to which you can send files created as a result of scanning to other AIO Robotics devices. The printer that receives them will automatically set the parameters and print. The Zeus multifunctional device is a real breakthrough in 3D technology. It combined in itself what many developers strived for - the ability to scan and print in one device. The 3D printer is extremely popular for home and office use.


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