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Used, Artec L + dell precision M6600

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    On sale Artec L 3D scanner (TDSL-1.1) + used DELL PRECISION M6600B workstation in excellent condition, careful use, fully equipped. Sold with a workstation for mobile scanning is the DELL PRECISION M6600 laptop (Core i7 2500 MHz, 8 GB, NVIDIA Quadro 4000M). Also included is a valid license for a software package for processing models. 

    The Artec L 3D scanner is the record holder for viewing angle and depth of field in the entire Artec series. Therefore, the scanner is perfect for quick scanning of large objects, such as a full-length person or a car body. It is very convenient to use it to capture large objects, thanks to the large viewing angle. Just seconds are enough for this.


    • It has the largest viewing angle and depth of field from the entire Artec line of scanners. 
      metal case 
    • a resolution of 1000 microns and an accuracy of up to 0.2 mm are optimal parameters for scanning large objects. 


    • Source of power 
    • USB cable 
    • Application for scanning and processing 3D models Artec 3D Scanner 
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