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Hot Isostatic Press HIP (gasostat)

  • Service maintenance

The SIU System company presents you the equipment - a hot isostatic press (gasostat) Ø250x1000mm.

The equipment of the press (gasostat) is designed for hot isostatic pressing of capsules with metal granules (powder), as well as processing of parts obtained by 3D printing methods from shaped, including titanium and aluminum, casting.


The design and functionality of the installation allows for the following technological processes:

  • hot isostatic pressing of capsules with metal granules in order to obtain parts close in shape and size to the final shape of the finished product (near net shape);
  • processing of cast blanks, including shaped castings, in order to compact the internal structure and eliminate internal micropores and cracks;
  • processing of parts obtained by the method of 3D printing in order to compact the internal structure, heal microcracks and pores, and improve mechanical properties.

The materials used can be granules (powders), ingots, parts from various materials, including aluminum and titanium alloys.

The pressing process is carried out in a closed sealed case made of special steel.

The design of the press is based on a bottom loading scheme, which ensures the safety of personnel from argon poisoning. 

The cooling system of the body (container) provides efficient cooling of the container without creating cooling channels in the body of the container, the presence of which is a stress concentrator.

The design and technology of the press ensure full ultrasonic testing of all structural elements and their defect-free operation.


The use of additive technologies in combination with GUIs leads to the following improvements:

  • The ability to manufacture thin-walled parts, including those with cavities and lattice type with increased fur. properties using GUI
  • Enlargement: production of one single piece instead of two or more prefabricated parts


Technology advantages 

  1. Quality of materials
  2. Ease of use
  3. Maximum strength
  4. Availability of production
  5. Reliability and trust
  6. Work speed
  7. Price-quality ratio


Specifications and features

The size of the inner working space of the container


250 mm


1000 mm

Working temperature inside the container

up to 1,200 ° C

Working pressure inside the container

up to 100 MPa






  • Elimination of porosity (and simultaneous heat treatment).
  • Healing of microcracks.
  • Improvement of mechanical properties: 
  • increased impact strength, 
  • improved fatigue strength,
  • longer service life.
  • Restoration of material resource from fatigue damage.
  • Compaction of metal powder.
  • Post-consolidation after sintering.
  • Material bonding and infiltration combined with compaction.



Unlike the wound structures of the gasostat power units (Quintus, VNIIMETMASH, CICRI, China), this technology ensures that there are no tensile axial stresses in the power cylinder (the concept of “crack arrest”) and, thus, its safe operation.


Investigation of the quality of blanks in a green state and after HIP

Influence of HIP on porosity and microcracks

Control system

The control system is designed to be able to control and manage the following processes:

  • set, control and regulate the vacuum parameters at all stages of the technological process with recording the parameters in the electronic archive;
  • set and control the heating temperature during the pressing process with recording the parameters in the electronic archive;
  • set, control and regulate the gas pressure parameters at all stages of the technological process with the recording of the parameters in the electronic archive;
  • control all systems of the installation from the operator's control panel.

Installation composition

  1. Frame for installation and maintenance of the press.
  2. Working container with heaters, cooling system, bottom cover locking system.
  3. Cooling system module.
  4. Module with gas compressor equipment.
  5. A module with power equipment to provide power and electricity supply to working units and mechanisms (heating furnace, compressors, vacuum pumps, etc.)
  6. Vacuum system.


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