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Zortrax Apoller post-processing


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Automated post-processing

Zortrax Apoller is a desktop smart vapor smoothing device offering industrial class performance. Every aspect of a smoothing process is managed by proprietary algorithms to get the looks of FDM 3D printed models on par with injection molded items.

Speed and ease of use

Fully automated smoothing process is easy to set up and takes about 3h.

SVS technology

SVS is a proprietary Zortrax technology for automated vapor smoothing.

Consistent quality

Models are evenly smoothed every time, regardless of their size and geometry.

Certified safety

The Apoller has an EU ATEX certificate of safety.

Wide compatibility

Acetone and MEK are supported to smooth models made on all FDM/FFF 3D printers with ABS, HIPS or ASA-based filaments.

How proprietary SVS technology removes visible layering

Smart Vapor Smoothing (SVS) technology evenly smooths surfaces on all kinds of models, including those with complex geometries and interlocked movable parts. It's done through automatic management of temperature, pressure, and concentration of solvent's vapors in the Apoller's smoothing chamber.

Compatible with all FDM/FFF 3D printers

Zortrax Apoller can smooth models printed on all FDM, FFF, LPD, and LPD Plus 3D printers. The device is compatible with filaments based on ABS, HIPS, and ASA, regardless of their manufacturer.

A flexible manufacturing plant

3D printing farms can cost-efficiently deal with low to medium scale production by moving it in-house and making on-the-fly adjustments possible. Complemented by Apoller post-processing devices, they can now offer products' quality on par with injection molding.

Solving the low-scale production

Contracting external suppliers, almost no room for adjustments, and high cost per unit are among major issues with low-scale production because the economy of scale is not yet there to bring the prices down. Once significant resources are invested in making injection molds for a new product, a business is basically all-in.


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