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Software for 3D technology is specialized software that is responsible for the operation of three-dimensional prototyping or modeling devices. The program provides a full cycle of additive manufacturing and controls the process from the stage of creating a layout to printing the finished product. It is recommended to buy software for 3D equipment when selecting scanners or printers. It is better to give preference to universal programs that are compatible with most modifications. If you purchase rare equipment, you should take the original software developed by the manufacturer of the unit.

Software options

The 3D industry uses several types of SOFTWARE that work at different stages of object creation:

1. Computer programs for 3D modeling. Software designed for designing three-dimensional objects and prototyping can grow the layout of both a small part and a large unit. 3D object modeling software helps you turn original ideas into beautiful and functional prototypes. Tools can create products from scratch. Some 3D software is so simple that even a novice can quickly master it.

2. FOR for editing. Systems that are responsible for viewing, correcting, and refining products most often work in the STL format. Defects in the original models can lead to the release of defective elements or problems during production. Special SOFTWARE allows you to visualize and process STL files to prepare for printing. Advanced viewers test the structural integrity of data and the suitability of the format for work.

3. Slicers. Before sending an image for printing, special SOFTWARE "slices" the STL file into layers, synthesizing G-code for the printing device, including commands for building each level of the product and determining the order of their use. Sometimes the slicer is equipped with options for diagnostics and automatic model correction.

4. Calibration. Special software allows you to calibrate the equipment and simplifies the definition and installation of data for efficient printing. The SOFTWARE is necessary both during the initial setup of the device and during operation to set the settings for working with a specific device.

5. Print. Host software for printing that is responsible for transmitting the G-code to the device. The program tracks the build procedure and changes parameters in real time. Many devices have built-in SOFTWARE that allows you to print products from a flash drive or memory card.

Features of 3D modeling programs on a computer

Creating 3D models is a popular sector in the information technology industry. Due to the relevance of the direction, a long list of widely and highly specialized software has been developed.
Professional 3D part modeling programs are configured to quickly collect information from various sources: total station survey, laser scanning, geographic information system. The platform works with a large amount of data and delivers up-to-date indicators to project participants due to compatibility with various source material formats.


The 3D industry is a popular, multitasking direction with a high speed of development. Creating digital models allows you to rationalize the production of large batches of products, increasing the efficiency of production in various areas.

Hardware developers offer software for each type of task. Well-known brands 3D Systems, Zortrax, 3DCERAM, NEXA3D, VoxelJet offer software for hybrid design, generative design, creating parametric CAD models and setting up the production process.

High-quality SOFTWARE provides fast and convenient 3D modeling, which is applicable both in everyday life and in professional employment. Special programs are designed to solve problems in dentistry and prosthetics, archeology and construction, automotive industry and space exploration. Clear software with an accessible interface helps in research or educational activities, and is useful in production.