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Get to the market faster 

Accelerating the manufacturing process is critical to expand your business. Geomagic Design Elements delivers process efficiency from the first sketch idea to the production of order tracking product brochures. This is an effective all-in-one solution that helps you at all stages. 

Produce the best products 

Realizing ideas for creating the best products is what you do in business. It doesn’t matter how you make them - lighter, faster, stronger, cheaper, beautiful, economical, or all at once. The Geomagic Design Elements creation environment provides tools for developing, analyzing, and improving a product until it reaches perfection. 

Reduce development costs 

No more struggling with the design environment. Geomagic Design Elements works with your design and marketing departments, sales and management teams. Take advantage of the incredible ease of use that enhances productivity without sacrificing power. Design, data exchange, and iteration are now easier and faster than ever. Need to fit a part into an existing design? Scan and create a structure around it. 

Learn and work at the speed of thought 

Every aspect of the Geomagic Design Elements interface aims to increase speed. Corresponding commands appear when necessary, on hover. A customizable interface, work environment and hot keys allow you to work the way you want. Creating and modifying objects is now so easy! The interface contains a lot of useful visual tips about various tools and their use. You will increase your productivity not in months, but in hours. 

3D model creation 

Create complete 3D models of your products. Build assemblies quickly using drag and drop. See how your assembly moves and functions before creating a sample. Find out important physical properties instantly, such as weight, moment of inertia, and volume. Create smart files with entire groups of similar parts. A huge library of standard components allows you to focus not on rework, but on innovation. 

2D documentation 

The diverse, powerful and efficient, fully revised 2D drawing tools of Geomagic Design Elements provide comprehensive detailing of your digital prototypes to create complete documentation. Automation tools such as the Dimension Cleanup Wizard will help you best fit your dimensions. A significantly expanded set of tools for detailing and visualization makes compiling 2D documents elementary. 

Creation of large structures 

Create designs with thousands of components. Geomagic Design Elements can create just about any object you can imagine. 

Design of sheet metal structures 

A unique set of tools is required to design sheet metal components. The special Geomagic Design Elements module for sheet metal parts can easily create complex structures of this type. This software provides all the necessary tools, from basic buildings to complex convex transitions. Powerful conversion tools turn standard or imported parts into your own, deploy sheet metal parts in a convenient interface in the style of the installation wizard. 

Share interactive models instantly 

Geomagic Design Elements allows you to export 3D project files in PDF format, which can be viewed in the latest version of Adobe Acrobat. The recipient can change the scale, rotate the structure and move around it, and even create cuts. Speed ​​up and improve your interaction with other project participants without special software or installing new programs. Post the PDF file on your website as an online product catalog. 

Realistic rendering in minutes 

Create beautiful and realistic images of your products for use in marketing materials or to study the effect of material and color on the look of a product. Get benefits by posting high-quality images made in minutes with basic drag and drop. 


Fully test your design with the built-in motion simulation tools. Apply force, use motors and drives, run a simulation and look at the result. Examine the various elements of motion graphically to see the forces acting on the components of the object. Perform fast iterations to get the best geometry for your design goals without creating any physical samples.

Manage data, process and contacts 

Electronic storage allows you to manage the data of your design, and also provides a complete set of tools for managing all business data, their categorization and search from one point. Full management, check-in / out, remote access, contact management and implementation process - all work together to give you all the necessary leverage to manage your business. 100% adaptability to the unique needs of your business environment. 


Using CAD data from other users of Geomagic Design Elements can open almost all major 3D CAD formats and all non-specialized formats. No matter where the data comes from, you can open and change it. A set of direct editing tools allows you to make a wide range of changes to imported models without element-by-element construction.


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