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For manufacturers of any type, Geomagic Studio provides industry-leading point cloud editing, wireframe editing, and advanced surface treatments in one smart and easy-to-use application. Thanks to the functions of accurate 3D data processing in combination with automated tools, Geomagic Studio gives users the opportunity to create models of the highest quality much faster, while saving valuable man-hours. For reverse engineering, product design, rapid prototyping, analysis and export of CAD Geomagic Studio is the best tool for creating 3D models. Geomagic Studio includes a wide range of functions for processing point clouds and polygons, as well as effective surface processing tools to help you create faster high quality 3D models. In addition, since Geomagic Studio captures the design intent on the basis of any figure, you can easily transfer parametric models to a number of external CAD packages. The latest version of Geomagic Studio also includes a new platform that provides additional configuration options.

  • Support for a wide range of non-contact and contact measuring instruments. 
  • Automatic cleaning of point cloud data, analysis and correction of the frame, tools for remaking the frame, and repair, correction function, etc. 
  • Optimization for fast data processing and the ability to efficiently process large point clouds with high density. 
  • Simplified 3D absolute coordinate system for easier data alignment. 
  • The Python scripting environment lets you customize point cloud processing workflows. 
  • An embedded command-line version of the software eliminates unnecessary GUI calculations, saving you time and memory. 
  • Export high-quality 3D data to all major neutral polygon and NURBS formats. 
  • A wide range of plug-ins and supported file formats, including STL, OBJ, VRML, DXF, PLY and 3DS, are included at no additional cost. 
  • Direct export of magazine-based models to major CAD software packages, including Autodesk® Inventor®,
  • CREO® Elements / Pro ™, CATIA®, and SolidWorks® (optional). 
  • Unimpeded export to CAD software for direct modeling of SpaceClaim® Engineer with the click of a button.


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