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The first ProJet MJP 3D printer in Armenia

3D printers from the ProJet MJP W line from 3D Systems offer unrivaled print quality, minimal ash content, and detailed 3D printing that is ideal for jewelry production.

Industry solutions

SIU System supplied the first ProJet MJP 3D printer in Armenia for jewelry production

New technology in the jewelry industry, such as 3D printing, can improve previously developed techniques that have been improved by many generations of Armenian jewelers. 

For centuries, Armenian jewelers have been famous for their skill and mastery of jewelry. We can say that if there is a single trade craft that personifies Armenia as a whole, then this is the manufacture of jewelry. If we return to the time of the Ottoman Empire, we will see that only Armenians served as jewelers at the sultans. Only members of the Sultan's family knew about this, so it was kept in the strictest confidence. As a result, the magic of a truly skillful jewelry craft has long remained the hallmark of Armenia. Along with this tradition of artistry, Armenian jewelers also preserved their time-tested methods. But a new technology, such as 3D printing, allows you to complement previously developed technologies that have been improved by many generations of Armenian jewelers. SIU System, the only official dealer of 3D Systems, recently supplied the first wax 3D printer ProJet MJP (Multi Jet) in Armenia to the jewelry house V.S. Chakhoyan. This printer is already fully helping jewelers in the jewelry creation workflow.

Our customer has increased the number of new customers. In order to meet their requirements, so that they were satisfied with the quality of the products, and at the same time maintain the same centuries-old traditional approach to creating jewelry, our client purchased a CPXMax 3D printer. Now our client can not only support, but also easily expand his client base. 

says Ashkhen Hovsepyan, General Director of the company NPO System

The high power of the ProJet Multi Jet printer allows you to efficiently print amazing and accurate foundry patterns using RealWax. Therefore, jewelers, along with specialists in the fields of aerospace, mechanical and automotive engineering, can increase their production volume, along with material that competes with traditional wax casting. Moreover, they can significantly increase production speed, reaching an unrivaled level of detail and surface quality. 

Before using a 3D printer, V.S. Jewelry House Chakhoyan used competing technology and was forced to go through several additional steps to get a wax model. But now, just a few months after the acquisition of the ProJet MJP 3D printer, professionals in their field quickly and easily produce many high-quality wax models. 

They are actually very pleased with the high quality and efficiency. Today, our client cannot imagine the jewelry production process without using a 3D printer. He is even looking for new ways to use 3D printing for his business and is even thinking about purchasing more 3D printing equipment. 

Ashkhen Hovsepyan 

In our opinion, this project was an excellent opportunity to introduce a new and useful technology, while maintaining the principle of doing business and the client’s methodology. On the example of cooperation with jewelers of Armenia and the Jewelry House V. S. Chakhoyan in particular, it is obvious what this means: to improve the centuries-old craft, allowing its specialists to remain truly competitive in the world of large-scale production.


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