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Mold optimization with cooling channels

The world's leading manufacturer of household appliances wanted to increase the mold performance of the rear tank lock for washing machines.

Industry solutions

One of the leading home appliance companies needed to optimize the mold with cooling channels to increase the performance of washing machines. The company "InsTek" took part in the development of this mold with cooling channels with increased cooling efficiency and productivity. Our customer received a mold with high performance and low noise. 

The company “InsTech” manufactured a mold with cooling channels using DMT® technology to increase the cooling efficiency of the mold. InsTech has inserted cooling ducts into the molds to increase productivity. 


Improving cooling efficiency and productivity through the use of DMT® technology and the patented cooling channel technology of InSSTec.

  • Cycle Time (sec / pc) - Productivity doubled
    • Previous: 112 Sec
    • Now: 58 sec.


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