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Printing a piston on an Anisoprint Composer 3D printer in one day

Production downtime reduced from 3 months to 24 hours

Industry solutions


  • reduce production downtime 
  • increase piston lifespan to replace less often

Required time  for replacement — during this time production FULLY STOPS

Piston for forming yogurt pots is needed for dairy brand production line. Usually such pistons  are made from milled polyamide. Replacing destroyed part takes 3 months. During this time production line fully stops: the company doesn’t get enough sales volume and suffers losses. 

The part printed on Anisoprint Composer 3D printer by anisoprinting technology has longer lifespan and reduces production line downtime from 3 months to 24 hours. 

Anisoprinting is the technology of continuous composite fiber coextrusion. Thermoplastic polymers are reinforced with continuous fibers, consolidated and cured within a single-stage fully automated process, with no post-processing required. As a result we get parts that are several times stronger, lighter and cheaper than traditional (metal, plastic).


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