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Helicopter stamp

4X lower price, higher durability

Industry solutions

Goal: make a die for sheet metal forming that bears 400 bar pressure 

Helicopter factory needs a mold for sheet metal forming. The die must bear 400 bar pressure. 

Plywood's — traditional material — lifespan is too short. The metal die would work longer but costs significantly more. The best option to extend a lifespan and reduce costs is to print a die with continuous composite fiber on an Anisoprint Composer 3D printer. 

Anisoprinting technology reduces costs 2-4 times while raising durability. 

Anisoprinting is the technology of continuous composite fiber coextrusion. Thermoplastic polymers are reinforced with continuous fibers, consolidated and cured within a single-stage fully automated process, with no post-processing required. The inner part of the fixture has lattice (isogrid) structure: during printing, fibers are layed up along the loading direction to achieve the best combination of strength and weight. 



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