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Train Parts Repair for Korail Corporation (Korea Rail)

When the brake parts of the KTX train wore out, they were welded and reused. Due to welding, the parts were deformed, the level of defectiveness was high.

Industry solutions

  • Worn parts were repaired using 3D printing instead of welding.


  • Reducing the level of defectiveness due to the low level of deformation and a small heat-affected zone. 
  • Increased component strength through improved mechanical properties. 
  • 15 ~ 20% improvement in mechanical properties during repair using 3D printing compared to traditional welding technology. 
  • Feed volume control and feed accuracy:
    • Tensile strength: 580N / mm2 
    • Yield Strength: 380N / mm2 
    • Elongation Ratio: 38%
  • Ability to manufacture more complex shapes thanks to movement along five axes.


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