Photopolymer Accura AMX Rigid Black

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Accura AMX Rigid Black

Accura AMX Rigid Black from 3D Systems is suitable for the cost-effective production of load-bearing structures, custom-made components for large industrial devices and fixtures, temporary tooling, and direct manufacturing to replace injection molding processes.

Designed to create objects from plastics requiring a good balance of thermal deformation, flexural modulus and elongation at break, it provides stress and strain strength similar to that of standard thermoplastics, making the resin suitable for parts requiring durability in a wide variety of indoor and outdoor conditions premises.

The novelty is distinguished by a set of useful properties:

  • suitable for the manufacture of durable elements;
  • provides a stable production of durable products with a high degree of stability of mechanical properties, surpassing the capabilities of samples made from traditional resins;
  • thermoplastic behavior at break provides high reliability of manufactured latches and clamps;
  • guarantees surface quality, accuracy and repeatability in stereolithographic printing;
  • demonstrates similar toughness properties to standard thermoplastics.

Accura AMX Rigid Black resin combines long-term environmental friendliness and high mechanical properties actively used by stereolithography, including excellent model case finish, dimensional accuracy and repeatability.

3D printed parts stand out for surface quality comparable to injection molded plastics, while high isotropic mechanical properties provide excellent reproducibility of part performance regardless of part orientation.

The material has found use in a variety of applications:

  • direct manufacturing of plastic items such as housings, brackets, latches, automotive interior and peripheral components, and other general-purpose components;
  • production fixtures;
  • large experimental prototypes;
  • structural elements, bearing levers, couplings, cranks;
  • large-sized panels, frames, finishing tools;
  • functional guides, holders for equipment used for control / sorting / storage of production lines;
  • specialized contract manufacturing of load-bearing elements;
  • replacement of injection molding processes.

Accura AMX Rigid Black specifications:

  • long-term environmental stability of mechanical properties and color indoors and outdoors;
  • elongation at break 24%;
  • flammability UL94 HB;
  • insulating dielectric properties;
  • biocompatibility in accordance with ISO 10993-5;
  • black glossy or matte black color of products;
  • printing of large components (650x750x550 mm).

The complete list of mechanical properties is aligned with ASTM and ISO standards where applicable. Characteristics such as flammability, dielectric characteristics, and 24-hour water absorption also provide a better understanding of the material's capabilities when making design decisions about resin use. All printed parts are tested per recommended ASTM standards for at least 40 hours at 23 ° C, 50% RH. Media properties are relatively the same across different print orientations. Parts do not need to be oriented in a specific direction in order to maintain the desired characteristics.

Stereolithography technology produces products that are generally isotropic in mechanical properties, that is, parts printed along any of the XYZ axes will exhibit identical results.

Long-term environmental sustainability

Accura AMX Rigid Black is engineered to provide long-term resistance to UV and humidity. The resin is tested for its ability to maintain a high percentage of its original characteristics for a specified period of time. This is taken into account in the design conditions that need to be known when developing applications or parts.

The composition provides all the benefits of 3D Systems' leading SLA technology.

Compatible with chemical and automotive fluids

Stability in contact with hydrocarbons and cleaning chemicals can be important in determining the performance of applications. Rigid black Accura AMX components have been tested for tightness and compatibility in accordance with ASTM D543 and USCAR2 test conditions. The complete data sheet includes additional data tables for tensile modulus, impact strength and elongation at break.

Printers compatible with this material

The best results of printing with the new photopolymer are shown by the ProX 800 3D printer. The device, working by the stereolithography method, is equipped with a volumetric construction chamber, therefore, it is suitable for the production of large-sized objects. The equipment is compatible with a wide range of Accura materials and easily adapts to the brand's revolutionary developments, ensuring consistent parts quality. The printing technology used is suitable for setting up mass production processes on any industrial line.

Equally impressive is the ProJet 7000 HD, the gold standard for accuracy. The model produces parts with strictly defined characteristics, precise geometry and smooth surfaces.

The ProJet 6000 HD is also suitable for the Accura AMX Rigid Black and has a high uptime. The equipment combines the precision of an SLA process with ultra-fast production and a wide range of acceptable materials.


Тип Промышленные
Производитель 3D Systems



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