Фотополимерная смола Additive Plus Castable LCD (1 л)

  • Тип: Промышленные
  • Производитель: Additive Plus
  • Вес/объём: 1 л
  • Сервисное обслуживание


The photopolymer is designed to produce high-quality castings. It is used for casting dental implants and jewelry. Resin provides high detail and print accuracy.


  • High strength, resilience and elasticity;
  • Wide application in the manufacture of fittings;
  • High indicators of density and viscosity;
  • Liquid without impurities and sediment;
  • The polymer is stable when stored properly;
  • Expiration date for printing - 12 months.

Burn mode:

  • Stage 1 - into a cold oven, heating to 150 ° C at a maximum speed, hold for 180 minutes
  • Stage 2 - raising to 260 ° C in 4 ° C steps, hold for 180 min
  • Stage 3 - rise to 950 ° C in 2 hours 20 minutes, hold for 300 minutes
  • Stage 4 - cooling to the casting temperature

On exposure, the question may arise: “As such, exposure of the burned-out polymer is obligatory or not? If so, how much does it cost to keep in a UV camera? "

And we answer: it all depends on the model: if it is small, graceful - washed and dried, and if it is large, then it takes a minute to light up. But here is a universal recommendation so as not to rack your brains: determine by yourself by the surface - if after rinsing it is not sticky, then you can not light up, it is not necessary.


Smell weak
Density at 20 ° С 1155-1175 kg / m3
Dynamic viscosity 23 ° С 90-110 mPa * s
Kinematic viscosity 90-100 sSt
UV curing wavelength up to 410 nm
Shore hardness 72 steps D
Breaking strength up to 12 MPa
Elongation at break up to 34%
Shrinkage 0.9%

Color: translucent yellow


Страна Россия
Тип Промышленные
Производитель Additive Plus
Вес/объём 1 л

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